Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Big Win

Well, it's time to wind down all the prepping and turn off the brain until race morning. I've worked really hard both mentally and physically for this one. I am feeling excited, confident and ready to get it on! No matter what the clock says I know it's going to be a fun weekend.

I can't go into race weekend without expressing how grateful I am to have had the past months to run and train again. After two back to back pregnancies and the crazy hectic home life that comes with two toddlers (we'll say toddlers even though one still refuses to walk at 15.5 months!), I am so lucky to have been able to put in some quality training. I can't thank mrp enough for helping me scrape together the time to get it done. I love him so much and every time I lace up my shoes I can't help but remember how much joy he has brought to my life just because he's himself and because he introduced me to the world of competitive running. What a twofor that was!

I am also so happy to have experienced a super fun summer of training with Coach G! He has pushed me harder than I could have ever pushed myself. And I certainly can't forget all my great pals and all the fun miles we put in together. I was able to get back up to speed to keep up with my old pals like CV, E-Speed and NC and I made all kinds of new running buddies too. I feel like I need to particularly thank MZ, my high school and law school classmate who met me in the dark every weekend over the winter and occasionally this summer. I definitely wouldn't be where I am today without any of them!

Running this past year has been my exercise, me-time, destresser, social hour, party time, etc. It keeps me healthy, sane, social and balanced. Peanut is now old enough to get excited about mommy and daddy running and loves to go running himself. To share the joy of running with my family is just beyond awesome. Did I mention how lucky I feel?

And this weekend I get to celebrate great friends' birthdays and a great marathon. E is planning to run at least most of the race with me and I have a bazillion friends amped up to cheer for me all along the course. And then I get to go home and share the experience with my family. No matter what the clock says, I know it'll be a big win for me. I'm a cheeseball, I know, but I worked hard to get to this point of gratefulness and satisfaction. I ain't going back!


E-Speed said...

I think maybe you should re-read this post a few times and soak in how awesome you really are and what you have really accomplished this year!

Mark Stensland said...

Who do you think you are, Sylvia Plath.
I love your writing.