Monday, November 14, 2011

Flex Time

I am a weirdo. Half of me is a big unorganized mess. The other half of me is a very rigid person who hates to deviate from her schedule. Mrp often laughs at the blaring contradiction that is me. Before the marathon I would say I became very ocd about my training schedule and did everything I had to do to ensure I adhered to it to a T. Now that I am back to base training and our whole world is recovering from marathon training, a summer of farming and farmers marketing, etc. I need to loosen up about training.

Easier said than done! Now that I am mostly a SAHM, my running feels like my only lifeline to order in my chaotic life. Sometimes I feel like if I let go a little on the running then everything else will fall apart too. It needn't be so, of course. I get that. I realize I would be wise to add a little more order and rigidity to my non-running life and to let go a little in my running life. I'm trying.

I received orders from Coach last weekend that for my third week of running post-marathon I was supposed to run 65-70 miles. "Ha!" I thought. "I'll be happy to log 60." I decided that I was not yet ready to give up my one off day a week I've been enjoying since a month before the marathon and with the shorter days and busy schedule doubles were out of the question. So I would be very happy to get in 60 in 6 days. Wow. Look at me loosen up!

Cue virus.

By the end of last week I was knocked down by a nasty cold. Sure, it only cost me 2 miles of my long run so I only got in 58 miles for the week. But it's cutting into this week too. I am working hard not to sweat it. I'm probably not going to get in 65-70 this week either and this time I might also not get in all the workouts I'm supposed to do.

Instead of panicking I'm remembering the point of the base cycle. It's a period of renewal. Recover from the previous cycle and rebuild strength and endurance for the next. Breaking myself down to a nub is not in keeping with those goals. So, I am readjusting my expectations and taking it one day at a time. I'll do my best. I might not be able to get in that speed workout on Tuesday, but by Friday I can probably squeeze it in. And as hard as it is to believe sometimes, I'll be better for it.


Jalals Al Ansar said...

great blog used to be able to run well just started again running round our flats over 10 min per mile v dispointing when used to be able to run a mile in 4.20
All the best

E-Speed said...

trust me don't push it right now, let your body get healthy and let your mind get to the point where you want to be running hard as often as your body can handle it!