Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Funky Turkey

I started a post earlier in the week about the funk I've been feeling in the last few weeks, but now with Thanksgiving staring at us tomorrow that funk just seems silly. I realize how normal it is to feel a little unspeedy, a little chubby after gaining a couple of post-marathon happy pounds, and a little lonely on the run when I'm stuck on the treadmill and not running with my friends as much as I did during the summer.

And more than that I feel incredibly grateful for my wonderful silly, thoughtful and hardworking handsome husband and my incredibly adorable healthy children. For the cherry on top of that I am so thankful to be a healthy strong woman capable of running as much and as fast as I do. It's easy to focus on those minuscule things I don't have, like faster prs, but my goodness in the grand scheme of things I've got a great life and I wouldn't change a thing!

So tomorrow I am going to leave my watch at home and bask in the Turkey Trot experience--running through my favorite city with some of my favorite people and feeling so lucky to be able to do it. Happy Thanksgiving!

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