Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Too Hot to Trot

It was 92 degrees at the track tonight. G had 10 x 600 @ 2:05-2:08 with 90 second rest on tap for all of us from NC, the dudes, E and me. I felt great through the first 4 running right there with everyone: 2:05; 2:07; 2:07; 2:05. I felt smooth and good. Definitely working in the heat, but the legs felt great. At about the 400 of number 5 I knew something had to give. I ran a 2:07, but I felt nauseous, weak and shaky.

As I walked across the field to start #6 I saw stars. E seemed to feel about the same and we asked for more rest. G gave us an extra minute and off we went. I made it 400 and was done. I couldn't continue with the 600s. I was just not feeling right. So, G said we could do 400's @ the same pace (83-85) when NC and the dudes started the 600s, which gave us 2:00ish minutes rest between 400's. NC and the dudes must have picked it up because I saw many 81 second splits for my 400's. They were all between 81 and 83. My legs wanted to fly, but the rest of me was squashed by the heat.

I never doubted that whether I was doing the right thing. After the workout G said, "don't worry. You'll get stronger." I wasn't worried. I was enjoying the workout and my legs were happy. I WANTED to do 600's. At no time was it my wuss voice telling me to back off. It was the mother voice telling me that I can't afford heat exhaustion when I have to go home and nurse my baby to sleep! Also, the happy runner who wants to be able to run the rest of the week and the happy partner who wants to be able to hang out with mrp. There was no sense in being a hero and pushing myself to the breaking point on the track. I want save the collapsing and puking for the race chute!

When we headed out for our cooldown I really knew I did the right thing. About .5 miles in I had to stop because my abs were cramping like crazy--that happens when I get mega-dehydrated. I jogged back to the track and grabbed my water and jogged to the school to fill it up. I saw the stars again and I was sweating like a mofo. I filled up the jug, drank a bunch and then jogged around the track until I could call it 8 miles and went home to nurse my baby to sleep. It was a hot, but good night!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fastest Track Workout Ever!

I am excited. I finally got down to the track to run with my buddies and it was a great night (after braving awful traffic and an acute case of road rage, that is).

1600 in 5:55
3:00 rest

1200 in 4:22
2:30 rest

800 in 2:48
2:00 rest

400 in 78
2:00 rest

800 in 2:48

All reps felt smooth and comfortable and knowing I was going considerably faster than the goal pace I made doubly sure not to hammer over the last 80 meters or so and just cruised. This one has me pumped! And to top it all off I got to hang with good friends on a beautiful night. It was well worth all the hassles to get there. Yay! Now I am going to bed!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Running Without Satellites

It happened on a dark and stormy night. I met NC (the Cleveland Marathon Champ and recent Olympic Trials qualifier--HOLLAH!) for a tempo run the Thursday before the half marathon. As soon as we started running the black clouds rolled overhead and then the cool breeze blew in and then BOOM!! And the rush of cool water flooded from the sky. And I mean FLOODED! It was a deluge like I have never experienced on the run before. It was kind of awesome, but kind of insane. I had to weigh an extra 20 lbs within minutes with all the water in my hair, absorbed by my clothes and sloshing around in my shoes. Ol' Garmin Forerunner 205 (we'll just call her 205 after this) chugged along like a champ logging splits pretty close to the 5 @ 6:40 I was supposed to log.

After the run, I noticed a tiny little circle of condensation on the corner of 205's display screen but I didn't really worry about it. I didn't use 205 again until the race and she couldn't find satellites, but I figured that was because of the downtown Cleveland buildings and so I just went without since I was planning not to look at the pace settings anyway (since I use the GPS in training, this was a bad idea I think all things considered, but that is not the point of this post).

I didn't use 205 after the race until Wednesday when I ran 6.5 glorious muddy miles on the trails at the park by my house. It seemed to work fine telling me I averaged 8:24 pace, which would seem about right, although I hardly run on trails lately, so maybe it wasn't? It was an easy day so who cares.

Anyway, then Thursday as I was prepping to hit the road for my tempo ol' 205 was dead. Just dead. Well, her GPS was dead. No satellites. I managed to get my 5 x 6:40 tempo in by running 2 miles with a friend with a functioning Garmin in 13:24 (he had to bail because he was still recovering from the marathon) and then ran the 2 miles back in 12:57 and then ran 6:35 back over that 2 mile course and called it close enough. It was kind of exhilarating to be free of feeling the need to stare at my wrist and surprisingly the time on the run just flew by.

I am fortunate to have awesome friends and one of them, Triple H owns two Fleet Feet Franchises (if your local, check out FF Northfield or their new store FF Pepper Pike!) Triple H recently received a sample Nike-plus Sportwatch. She isn't using it so offered to lend it to me while I figure out 205's problems. I picked it up on Friday in anticipation of the 10 @ 7:10 on Saturday and 12 @ 7:25 on Sunday that G had in store for me. I knew I'd be on my own for these runs as all my running buddies are recovering from awesome marathon performances (and dance injuries!)

While the Nike sportwatch is really cool looking, I can't say it's won me over quite yet. On Saturday I went to run and the thing was dead and I couldn't figure out how to turn it on. There was a large training group at the park (part of which was celebrating rootsrunner's 40th birthday--Happy Birthday!) so I asked around to see if anyone knew how to turn it on and no one had even seen one before (I have since learned how cutting edge the thing is and how lucky I am to get to test it out!)

So, I just ran the same route I ran for my last 10 miler at a pace that felt like 7:10 and called it a day. The run was great and again I was amazed how fast it was over when I wasn't spending the whole run with my eyes glued to a tiny computer screen. When I got home from the run I did something smart and read the instructions and figured out what I did wrong. I was confident Sunday's run would be better.

The Nike watch was on the whole run, so that is a big improvement! However, it was WAY inaccurate. It had my first mile @ over 10:00 pace and about .72 miles and although it was closer from there by the end of the run it shorted me about a mile! Also, the pace feature is actual pace only and jumps all over the place. One minute it looks accurate and says 7:15 or something and the next it's saying I slowed down to 12:00 for 2 minutes. It was a very cloudy and rainy morning, so I am giving it the benefit of the doubt and will try it again.

When I came home and uploaded the run data, I checked the map of the run and noticed the GPS had me starting on a completely different street and then finishing pretty close to my house. I read that if it is not accurate when the run starts that the inaccuracy compounds. I also read that the gps accuracy tends to be spotty at first, but better after using it a couple of times. I'll report back next week with whether the accuracy has improved. Other than that, it's a very simple device and I like that about it. Plus, like I said, it looks super cool!

Anyway, back to ol' 205. After several back and forths with Garmin tech support, the technician believes 205 needs to come in for repairs. So, I'll be 205-less for at least 2 weeks. That's all right. It's kind of fun pretending to run in the stone ages.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Negative Thought Creep

Looking back to Sunday, I realized there were certain things that occurred before or during the race that allowed negative thoughts to creep into my head.

- I had a friend (we'll call her Jill) who was very nervous about the race and going for a very ambitious time. She was very interested in what my race plan was and although I am not certain she meant to be a little competitive with me, I couldn't help but feel a weirdness about it. I wanted to run my own race and if she spanked me and ran her planned time, good for her! If we were going for similar goals then we could have worked together. I guess instead of just letting the weirdness sit there I should have have addressed it and made it clear that I was planning to run my own race and wasn't going there to "beat" anyone and that I fully supported her running her best race too. Instead, I was subconsciously worried that there would be some weirdness at the race, either on the starting line or when one of us passed the other. As much as I told myself not to worry about her, I don't think I dealt with those feelings enough and cleared my head of them before the race. (Jill, if you're reading this I truly wish you all the best and that you reach those stars you're shooting for! This is just a description of the weird stuff in my head!!) Additionally, I think I generally need to deal with my own competitive feelings, especially as they pertain to friends. (Seriously, do men generally have these same issues when competing with their friends?)

- The weather was a big bummer. It was dark and foggy, muggy and weird. I did not like it. I felt stifled when the slight wind was at my back and then a little chilly when it wasn't. I was sweating buckets, but slightly cold at times too. I let it bug me out: am I sweating too much? Should I drink more than I planned? Is this why I'm sucking? Should I have worn this shirt? Seriously. SHUT UP about the weather, self! It's no excuse not to race my best in terms of effort and focus. I think I also need to make a plan about things like when to drink, what to wear down to the placement of body glide a day or two before the race, memorize it and close the book on it. No second-guessing. It'll drive me insane!!!

- My splits were off from the start. The first mile was uphill. It should have been slow, but when I saw 6:45 I already started the "you suck" garbage. I quickly brushed off those negative thoughts and replaced them with some positivity, but as the race went on and the splits continued to be slow the "you suck" stuff just snowballed and got harder and harder to clear out of my head. All this despite knowing full well that mile markers can be off, etc. I need to not care about the splits and just freaking race.

- I got passed by a lot of women all around the same time. First it was one woman, and then two more came quickly after that and then one more before I caught E. By then I just felt so defeated. Of course, even with stopping I ended up finishing less than 45 seconds behind two of them. I close well and could have caught them, I know it. I should never have let them get to me. I should have been patient with myself and again, run my own darn race.

- Other things I found distracting: heavy breathers running by me, the bicycle escorts for a hand-cyclist who was racing slightly behind me for a while (who was awesome! The bicycle escorts were a little all over the road and obnoxious to me, but in all honesty not sure they could have done anything differently to not be obnoxious to my grumpy self at that point!), my shoe didn't feel laced tight enough, that my gps wasn't on and I couldn't check my pace as I'm used to in training. Whine whine whine. I need to learn how to tune out these little niggles and focus on the task at hand.

All this makes for a lot of noise in the ol' noggin that distracted me from getting my job done. I am and was on Sunday, fully capable of running low-6:30's for a half. Although it's easy to think that I'm just a big wuss who needs to HTFU (hi EH!), the only way I am going to race better is to figure out why I have a propensity to think the things I think that cause me to be a wuss and figure out a way to replace those thoughts with stuff that helps me be the bad-ass mofo tough chick I know I can be. Beating myself up about my weaknesses ain't going to help. I need to accept my weaknesses and learn through hard work the skills I need to address them. I want to toughen up and race my guts out every time I compete. I want to be the chute-puker in every race. Well maybe just a figurative chute-puker, but you know what I mean :)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


When I was in law school I remember visiting one of my favorite professors to discuss a paper I was working on. After discussing the paper he asked me how I felt about exams that semester and I revealed to him I was really worried I biffed one of them. He sat back in his chair and chuckled. "Salty," he said, "cream rises to the top."

I walked out of his office contemplating that. It clicked for me right then and there. Yes. If I work hard and give it my all I might not always have a perfect exam, but overall it will work out. I just need to let go and let it happen.

I'm bad about remembering positive affirmations like this. Like many athletes, I so easily let my head get bogged down with negativity. Sometimes I fight it for a while, but it's just so easy to let the negativity win. It's seems crazy that my or anyone's natural tendency is to berate ourselves, but apparently that's the way it goes. It's frustrating. Today's my birthday and as I get older I can't help but realize that life is too short to beat myself up. I work hard. I am a good guy. I deserve to be treated nicely. So I better start doing it myself. Learning how to be my own biggest fan won't just help me reach my running goals, but help me be a better person in general.

One of the tenants of sports psychology is self-talk. Obviously, this post is related to that. Over the coming months one of my goals is to replace all that negative nelly b.s. with my own inner fan club. As obvious and simple sounding as it may seem, it's going to take a lot of work!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Now What

With the half over, now it's time to focus on speed training. I'm really excited to spend the next two months learning how to really suffer! Of course, I'm looking forward to knocking down a bunch of shorter race pr's too.

After that will be a fall marathon. I'm fairly certain I will train for and run the Columbus Marathon. The goal will be sub-3. I feel like if I want to do anything with this whole running thing I need to achieve that goal sooner rather than later. I know I am physically capable of achieving that time in the fall. I also know there are more factors at play than my physical fitness.

I alluded to the lessons the half on Sunday taught me. The main thing I learned is that I need to work on mental training. Now this is nothing new. It's something I've openly struggled with for years now. However, I'm done whining about it and attempting to put bandaids on my problem. If I want to go anywhere with running and even remotely come close to achieving my potential I need to adopt a formal mental training plan.

I'm lucky to have a USOC sports psychology workbook in my possession and in the absence of something better, I plan to follow its advice to a T and get my head in shape. I'll write more about what I think are my specific weaknesses later, but I can guarantee that there will be lots and lots of posts about this new aspect of my training plan.

In addition to G's training plan and the mental training I also know there are a couple of other things that aren't quite as important, but would really help me achieve my goals. The first is to work on core strength. I tend towards minor muscular injuries of the hips and lower back, so this would go a long way to avoiding unnecessary physical discomfort there in addition to improving my form which should allow me to be more efficient along 26.2 miles. The second is my diet. As a busy mom I often just eat whatever is in front of me. Usually it's not too bad but still too often it's things like cookies or cupcakes or other crap. I often mindlessly eat or stress eat and while I'm certainly not fat I could stand to loose a couple of unnecessary pounds and generally burn some cleaner fuel. And lastly, I need to keep the stress in check and make sure I get quality sleep. Peanut and #2 are both sleeping really great now (knock on wood!) so the sleep thing is totally improving. Stress is always a battle for me, but I'm working on it!

So anyway, that's where the road will be taking me the next few months. Well, the running road anyway! I'll also be mommying, helping mrp with his farming business, being a very part-time contract attorney, among other things. It's going to be a busy but awesome summer. I can feel it!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Shut Up Nelly

I raced my spring goal race yesterday--a half marathon. I succeeded in achieving my goal of smiling at the finish and logging a pr, but none of it quite happened the way I expected it to. Out of this crazy 13.1 mile adventure I learned a lot about what I am going to need to do to race a good marathon this fall. It's going to take a lot of work to whip my head into shape. I think I have the body part down.

Rewinding a bit, I first thought I'd focus on shorter races this season and then I thought I would jump in and train for the Cleveland Marathon with a couple of friends who were training for it. Ultimately, life was crazy and a full marathon seemed like too much and I decided to split the difference and train for the half. At that time I think in my head I hoped to get in shape for a 1:25ish half in May. That sounded ambitious, but doable.

I plugged away for a few weeks self-coaching and then I was lucky enough to hook up with Coach G about 10 weeks ago. Coach G coaches several of my great friends (most notably in blogland, the ever-fabulous E-Speed). He switched me up to a higher intensity moderate mileage plan and I thrived on it. I had a great time tapping into my fast-twitch muscle fibers and lactate threshold. I learned I really like tempo runs and can lay down some fastish 200's if I want to. It's been great!

One thing I realized is that even though I'm running way faster for every workout and even easy run than I ever did, this doesn't necessarily mean I'm going to log significantly faster races yet. It's frustrating to breeze through a sub-7:00 pace 10 miler every Saturday when that used to be hard for a 6 mile tempo workout and run pretty close to the same race times. Coach G assures me that this is for now. It will take time and if I'm patient the big breakthrough WILL happen. And deep down in my heart of hearts I know this. But right now I am not feeling particularly thrilled of racing my behind off just to log times I've been in shape to run since 2007. (Yeah yeah, I've had two kids since then, but it really feels like I've been in the same shape for 4 years!)

Going into the race yesterday, my goal, as has been the case for the last several races I've run, was to race my best and finish with a smile. Although there were mistakes I certainly made yesterday I more or less achieved this goal. I did have a time goal in the back of my mind. I wanted to run in the 1:25's (low 6:30's). I quickly realized that was not going to happen.

I was a little late to the start, but fought the crowds to line up with E (who had signed up, but was minorly injured and decided not to waste the bib and get in a little fun run) and fellow G trainee NC (who ran a 2:43:45 for the win and an OTQ!) I knew they wanted to go out around 6:15-6:20 so I would just keep them in sight and hopefully about 10-20 seconds behind. The first mile is very uphill and I came though in 6:45. I told myself this was good, but the negative nelly in the back of my head told me I was already behind. I tried to ignore ol' nelly, but she kept yapping most of the race!

The second mile was 6:20. Better! Maybe too fast, but I felt fine. The third mile was 6:4x. "Oh crap," said nelly. I chimed in, "It probably just meant mile three was long and two was short. You're doing great." I told myself.

By the fourth mile I remembered G told me to run like I can't fail. So, I decided to pick up the pace and freaking go for it. By the fourth mile marker I was passed by about 4 women and the darn split was another 6:4x. GAHHHHHHH! I thought. Nelly said, "see. You're stinkin' this race up. You run sub 6:30 6 mile tempos now and can't even do that for the first 6 miles of a race?" I couldn't give up yet. "No! I can do this. Maybe I won't run as fast as I hoped, but I always close well in a half and I can catch those girls then."

Miles 5-8 were more of the same. At each marker I came through with a 6:4x split and each time I had that back and forth between nelly and me. It started to wear me down. I knew mrp would be around mile 8 and although I wanted to just walk off the course and cry in his arms I mustered up the strength to finish this darn race no matter what. I saw mrp and signaled to him I was disappointed, but I had fun with it. Instead of crying I jokingly told him I was stinkin' up the course. I realized somewhere in there that I don't really feel a passion to run a 1:26 or a 1:27. Like I said, those were my goal times since 2007. I want to take it to the next level. I think this is why I let nelly have so much air time. I just didn't care enough to beat her back.

A little after mile 8 I spotted E up ahead in a little pack. I focused on them and worked over the next mile and a half or so to catch them. A pack of dudes swallowed me up somewhere in here and I was sure it was the 3:00 pace group. I really thought I was struggling then!

Around 9.5 I finally caught E. I told her I was sucking and just wanted to jog it in with her and have fun. She said she wasn't feeling that great either. I then decided I had enough and wanted to quit. I stopped. She looked at me like I was insane. I bitched and moaned about what I thought was my utter patheticness and I don't even know what she responded with, but whatever it was I started running again. We passed the 10 mile mark and I saw a high 1:07 on the clock (a far cry from the 1:05:30 I was hoping to see).

We then turned the corner and mrp was waiting for me and I think he was relieved I had company and seemed to be a good spirits. By now I was laughing about the craziness (my craziness!) and knew if I just ran under 7:00 to the finish I could break 1:30. My mile 11 split was 6:50 and then there was no mile markers after that but somehow I managed to run the last 5k right around 20:00. E was trying to motivate me with the two-step trick so I had a couple of miles to think and make sense of this one. I realized that I was incredibly ungrateful for the little athletic talent I have and taking my healthy body for granted. I was basically being a big baby because I'm not quite able to run the times I want to run. Wah-freaking-wah.

As I made these realizations, I started pushing the pace trough downtown trying to keep up with E who was trying to motivate me with the two-step trick. She peeled off with about 1000 meters to go and I gunned it. I turned the corner and saw the clock 1:26:xxx. Holy crud! I pushed and pushed the last 300 or so and managed to come in with a 1:27:35 (or 34 or 38--I've seen all three in the results since the race. I'm going with 35 for now). That was over a minute pr. As I was finishing I remembered my goal and suddenly appreciated the gift this race was. I smiled and waved my arms in the air wooing myself.

I wooed because I pr'd. I wooed because I stuck it out. I wooed because I wasn't beating myself up for not meeting a time goal. I wooed because I appreciated mrp who woke up @ 5 a.m. just to come cheer me on and the person who called my name as I was finishing and E who two-stepped me to this pr and NC who I knew was killing it out there and my trainee TL who was going to run a big pr and MZ who braved many a blizzard to train with me (he ran a 2:57!) and for everyone who has ever supported me or listened to me whine or ran with me or cheered for me or told me to suck it up. This one was for you!

After the race I checked the results and saw that two of the women who passed me at mile 4 finished within 40 seconds of me. If only I didn't stop! If only I would have just pushed and stayed committed. Bla! Shut up nelly!

Monday, May 09, 2011


I think Mother's Day is supposed to be a nice relaxing holiday in which the mother (um, that's me now!) is served breakfast in bed along with cuddles and home made cards and macaroni necklaces. That was not my Mother's Day.

I woke up at 5:45 to get a little work done and drink some coffee before meeting MZ at the park for 12. It was an insanely beautiful morning for a run. Sun rising, 50 degrees, no wind. Perfection! We cruised through 12 in 7:15 pace and then I had to high-tail it home.

I walked in the door and Mrp was in the middle of threatening a time-out to peanut who was jumping on the couch while #2 was climbing over plastic easter eggs and puzzle pieces that were scattered all about. Everyone froze when I walked in. #2 turned her head and gave me a big smile. Peanut stopped his hopping and came running over and gave me a big hug. Mrp whispered to peanut to tell me what he had practiced and instead of that he said, "I wuv you, mommy!" Eventually he said his "Happy Mother's Day," but I'll take an "I wuv you" anytime!

And then I picked up #2 to nurse her and saw there was a nice hot cup of coffee waiting for me by my chair. Best coffee ever!

That was all nice, but then we had to get ready for brunch. Then it was the typical mad scramble to get out the door in time. We had a 40 minute drive and were running late of course. And then we got lost. And the kids were whining. We thought we finally found it. We unpacked the kids. We schlepped to the door and found out we were in the wrong place. AHHHHHHH! Then we drove back a couple of miles and actually found it and it was lovely. But then we had to make a mad dash back to mrp's parents' house so he could pick up his truck which his dad fixed for him so we could get back to our house so we could clean and I could cook dinner for my mom and grandma who were coming over.


So I dropped off mrp and tried my best to keep peanut from conking out in the car so he'd nap at home (succeeded with that!) But then I got home and peanut decided he needed to take care of some business, which is tmi I know, but it takes him about half an hour before he thinks he's done and #2 napped in the car and was wide awake so I couldn't get anything done. And to make matters worse, mrp still wasn't home. I thought he'd be right behind me but it was almost an hour and no mrp.

I finally got peanut changed and down for his nap, but #2 was a fuss-ball. I was about to lose my mind. My mom and grandma were coming over in an hour and I hadn't straightened up a thing or started prepping dinner at all. Finally mrp came home and I blew up at him. He felt awful, but his elderly and forgetful dad wasn't quite finished with the truck afterall and mrp spent all that time putting the tires back on and making it drivable. Although he should have called me to tell me he'd be late, I totally understand that dilemma and wasn't mad at him. Just a little situationally exasperated.

But in the end, I managed to cook some delicious chicken enchilades and enjoyed a lovely dinner with the mom's in my life. Although I have to say once it was all said and done I was pooped, but felt very very wuvved.

Friday, May 06, 2011

That Other Gear

I mentioned in my last post that I ran my fastest 1000's ever on Tuesday. That in itself was an accomplishment, but what is even greater is that I think I'm figuring out the whole finding a new gear thing.

Before I started working with Coach G, I am not sure I ever really pushed myself in workouts. My old coach always had me do 10k paced reps, so of course those were relatively easy. Of course, in my drama-queen head they still felt hard!

Coach G has been having me do a lot more 5k paced reps. It was a little tough to get used to at first, but now I can do 5k pace on auto-pilot. I basically show up to the track and the workout runs itself with each rep getting slightly faster than the one before it as my legs warm-up.

This week I had something different. I had to start maybe a little slower than 5k and then work my way down to faster than 5k pace for 5 x 1000. Goals were: 3:47; 3:43; 3:43; 3:38; 3:38.

Per usual, the first one was my warm-up and although I just made it with a 3:46 the next two felt a little easier and they were 3:42 and 3:41. But, I had a hard to going faster. My body just gets in a speed groove and it's hard to break out of it. Despite feeling like I was hammering I only ran a 3:39 for the fourth one. Crud!

For the last one I was determined to do it. I toed the line and hit the watch. I came through 200 a little fast, 400 right-on, but @ the 600 I was slow. UGH! I picked it up, but I was still a slow at the 800. I knew I could run a 3:38. I was going to try. So I dug deep and even though my legs were lactic-acid filled logs I found that gear and cranked he last 200 to eek under with a 3:37.80. I have never ever felt like I felt on that last 200 of that last 1000. I have to say, I liked it!

Yesterday I had a tempo on tap. Goal was 6 @ 6:30. I took the first 2 out right on pace and then we went up a hill and into the city. I was having trouble either actually or just in garmin land (we were now surrounded by buildings and the pace was getting all wonky) hitting 6:30. It was hot and windy, but we were working. It was aggravating me to keep getting a 6:32 or 6:33 split. Finally for the last mile I decided I had had enough and I was going to get that 6:30 average! My buddy E-speed was ahead of me doing her own faster tempo and I used her to focus on. And again, I found another gear. I didn't go crazy, but I picked up the pace and felt great. Garmin says I ran 6:19 for the last mile and I just eeked under the 6:30 average I needed. Woo!

But, the moral of the story is that even when I think I've run as fast as I can there is another gear in there. I am so happy to have finally found it!

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Wash Outs and Wipe Outs

Training is going great despite this nasty cold rainy spring we're having here. I've run a lot of 1k repeats over the years and yesterday I ran my fastest set ever, ending with a 3:37 and it felt good. It felt good even while dodging the giant puddle in lane one. I am getting psyched for the half on the 15th. My pr, 1:28:38 is soft even for my old fitness level so I'm looking very forward to logging a new one. It would be extra sweet to sneak in under 1:25, but I'll take a well run race regardless of the time. Sub-1:25 is just a matter of time, so if it's not to be in a week and a half, I'm ok with that. On the other hand, if I'm anywhere close at mile 10, I'm burning up that last 5k!

In other news, peanut now likes to go running like mommy. He runs in a circle in our yard and usually wipes out. It is so darn cute. I'm going to need to find a tot run this summer for him. Hopefully, in the meantime he'll learn how to avoid the wipe out :)