Sunday, August 21, 2011

My Log

While I'm on my break, you can access my training log here. Happy trails (and roads and tracks and treadmills, etc!)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Going on a Diet

I am taking a break from blogging at least until my fall marathon in mid-October. I feel like I'm mentally burned out a bit and any extra thinking about running is not helping. I am going to try to limit my thinking about running to planning runs and not to post-run or race analysis, brooding, etc. So, with that have a great rest of the summer!!!

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Good Miles and Bad Miles or Humidity Stupidity

It's been so humid here, especially in the mornings. I sweat about 3 gallons and just feel awful on the run. I've found if I drink regularly I can handle it--like every 3 or even 2 miles. I wish I had a handheld water bottle for these days! I've managed to hit my workouts in this nast, which is a nice surprise, but it isn't particularly pleasant.

I ran 6 averaging 6:25 on Thursday evening pretty much by myself. That's particularly nice because that was the goal! I warmed up with E and NC and then we all did our respective workouts. I tend to run well that way. There's company out there so I don't feel alone and I feel somewhat accountable to my teammates, but I don't feel pressure to run faster than my goal to keep up with them.

Over the weekend I had 17 @ 7:30 and a 12 mile progressive run on tap. The 17 miler was awful. The first 6 were a little rough, but I had my old running buddy keeping me company. But once he left it was a slog. Despite drinking a ton and even taking a gu at 10.25 I started feeling stitchy and light headed and found myself muttering profanity as I'd stop to avoid a stitch or to get my head back in the game. It really took way more effort than I'd like to get the miles in. I stopped looking at the pace on the watch around 14 and somehow still managed to average 7:28--not sure how I managed that! It all made sense when later in the afternoon when #2 woke up from her nap with a cold. Said cold infected me late Sunday. It's mild, but surely was enough to make me feel crappy on Saturday morning's run.

Even so, I managed a decent progression run on Sunday with NC. We ran a rolling first 4 averaging about 7:15. Then 4 at 7:00. NC's IT band has been bugging her so she bailed and I had to finish the last 4 myself. The goal was to run 6:50 for the last 4. Again, I drank a lot, but still struggled at first only managing a 7:00 first mile of this set, but then I rallied and ran a 6:52. Stopped for gatorade and then hammered out 2 miles in the low 6:40's and it felt surprisingly good. It reminds me of a quote I read in Running Times today. Amy Hastings was recalling some advice imparted by Deena Kastor: there will be good miles and bad miles in both training and races. Ain't that the truth!

Tonight I am heading to the track for a 1600 time trial. I'm super excited for it and hoping that this one will be a good mile!

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Paces All My Own

Coach G finally has relented and allowed me to run my own paces rather than having to cling to E for dear life on tempos and at the track. I am so excited! If this would have happened a month ago I would have probably cried, but I have since realized that I am very happy with my current fitness. Not satisfied, mind you, but happy for where I am right now.

I think trying to run her paces was just too much for me. As we all know (or should know) faster training does not mean faster racing. I honestly think I was running too fast and now that I have paces tailored to my fitness I will progress faster than running the faster paces. Don't get me wrong, it's nice to know I can run those paces. But just because you can, doesn't mean you should. Especially, when you end up not being able to finish a workout and walk across the track crying!

Last I had my own paces at the track. We did a double ladder of two times 1600; 800; 400; 400 all at a slightly faster pace then the interval preceding it. G said my paces were 5:50 (88\lap); 2:52 (86\lap); 83; and 81. This was very hard because we had relatively short rest (2:00 after the 1600 and then 1:00 between the other intervals. 2:30 in between sets).

FD and TV were at the track and jumped in with me as we started the workout. I started right behind E and off we went. Normally when I ran with E we would go way too fast the first 200. Not so on my own. I went through in 43 which is just about right. I concentrated on running 200 at a time. After each 200 I mentally told myself what split I wanted to see at the next 200 and just used that as a sort of mantra to hold my focus and keep me relaxed. FD and TV ran right with me until about 100 to go and then they picked it up. I cruised to the finish knowing I still had a long way to go in the workout! First 1600 was a high 5:49. Right on!

E and I decided to try to start with NC. This meant that I had 15 seconds less rest than I was entitled to, but I went for it. It wasn't too bad. Rolled through with a 2:51 800, but that was after being drawn out too fast by E and the guys in the faster group. I ppted for less rest for both of the 400's and managed to just make it in 82 and 80, but was definitely feeling the short rest!

I decided I'd start the second set with the group, but then take the full rest for the second set. Both to take advantage of the slightly extra recovery time and to focus on hitting MY paces and not going out too fast. It worked really well. TV started the set with me, but bailed after 800. I went out a hair too fast, over corrected and then focused on hitting my 88 splits. Unfortunately when I rolled through 1200 in 4:25 (just 1 second slower than the 4:24 I had in my head I needed ) I did the math and realized I needed an 85 to get my 1600 on pace (5:50 is 87.5 laps, not 88!) TV jumped back in with me for the last lap of the 1600 and we hustled, but I was still a little slow with a high 5:51. If it was the last rep I would have hammered it in to make the goal, but I wanted to finish this workout out strong.

I had to do the 800 solo and hit 2:52 on the nose. Ditto with the first 400 of the second set: 82. FD jumped in for the last 400 and we ran a perfectly even 79 to finish a great workout! It felt so good to pretty much nail it and not kill myself to do it. Now hopefully this will carry forward to my 6 @ 6:25 tempo on Thursday. It's 10 seconds slower than E's. YEAH!