Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January Summer

Today was 61 degrees and sunny. January 31. In Cleveland. Really! Normally, in honor of such an occasion I would strip down to a sports bra and shorts and run run run! Of course I couldn't do that. No running until my ART appointment tomorrow at the earliest. Please let my appointment go well and get the all clear to start back up!

Instead of the near-naked run-a-thon the kids and I had a great day. We met JenC and WC for some swinging at the playground and a chaotic lunch (can a lunch with 3 tots be anything but?) and then came home and ran around without our coats and enjoyed a snack on our bikes. Well, they did. I just kind of stood there, smiled and watched how cute they were. And then after their naps we played on the swingset and in the dirt. We took the pedal tractor out for a spin. We toured the garden and checked out the cover crop and the bluebird houses with daddy. It was a little taste of summer in the dead of winter. And even with no run today, it was a great day. Tomorrow it's supposed to cool off a bit, but it might be  great day too if I can get a few miles in.

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