Friday, January 13, 2012

Live from the DL: My 2012 Goals!

That (photo) was me yesterday. After working on the adhesions that have parked in my rear, the fab Dr. TK had me reposition myself just a touch and then ...


I felt a big jolt and heard a loud crack. That, my friends, is a pelvis adjustment. Apparently, running on a broken butt for 6 months can cause some weird stuff to happen to you, like one leg shrinking a full inch shorter than the other. Actually, it can cause overcompensating which can then cause your pelvis to tilt up an inch causing the leg on the tilted up side to appear shorter, but whose counting?

The good news was that the treatment of the muscles was much easier this time. They are definitely improving. The bad news is with the pelvis as jacked-up (real word) as it is no running until my next appointment on Wednesday. Since I've been full on injured I only ran 30 miles. (It's funny how one's "only" can become so out of whack with reality!) So in my world as of late, that really is not running much anyway. And 30 miles in pain isn't all that enjoyable either.

Just the night before I went in to see the good doc I met e-speed for a short run in the rain. She's coming back from an injury that was much more severe than mine. She also suggested I needed to really rest for a few days. She's so smart, that one! But more importantly we talked 2012 goals.

Yes, 2012 goals. These are what keep me from crying in my oatmeal as I sit on my broken butt. I still need to run them by coach, but I have a feeling he will like them. He's always getting on my case for not believing in myself enough and being too tentative. Well, not anymore! Ha!

Without further delay, my tentative goals for 2012:

5k: 17:xx

5 miles: 29:xx

half-marathon (and this is the crrrrrazy one): 1:19:xx

The first two make sense. I'm fairly close to those goals already. The last one is the really exciting one. Here's why I think it's possible.

My plan is to focus on the short races until the summer. Possibly focus on the track in the spring before hitting the road scene. I'd love to crush my favorite summer 5 miler and finally place in the $$ there (on my running bucket list!)

Then, I will switch focus to the half. No full this year. No siree. Just the half. And the beauty of the half is that I can run several and really work on my mental game in the process. No doubt if my fitness gets me to this goal it will be just enough to make it. I will need to bring my mental A game and I think it will take 2 or 3 races to get there.

Now, jumping from a super high 1:25 (1:25:59.59 to be exact!) PR to a 1:19:59.99 is admittedly a very big jump. But last year while nursing a baby\toddler and chasing after another I managed to pr in almost every distance. My longer races were a bit disappointing, but I think at least part of that was my broken butt holding me back. I think once I fix my butt, quit nursing in a few months (Apparently I am a crunchy granola hippie mom for still nursing my 18 month old) and get a quality summer of training in I can go for it with a straight face.

And the beauty of it is, even if I miss my targets I am sure to learn a lot and have a heckuva good time in the process!


mfranks said...

Make big goals, its worth it!

Happy to follow you too! Keep it up!

inspirunning said...

I hope you are feeling better soon! We will def need to plan a run once you are back in the game!

inspirunning said...

oh and 1 more thing... LOVE BIG GOALS! I am more than happy to cheer you on along the way! go for it!

ok, I think that's it... have a great wkend!