Thursday, February 02, 2012

Can't Wait for Monday!

"I can't wait for Monday!" No, that's not a quote (that I know of) from Sh*t People Don't Say. That's what I'm really thinking. Dr. TK says I need to give all the offending lower crossed muscles a little more recovery time. Everything is improving according to plan, but just to be on the safe side there's no harm in waiting a few more days. Plus, I'd really like to test it all out on a day I don't have it treated, just because the treatment itself can irritate everything. I want this right leg to feel the best it's felt in months when I hit the road (er, treadmill) again. So, Monday is the day.  This weekend will be filled with ellipticals, pt exercises and stretching. Oh and good weather. Since Murphy's Law revolves around me and my running winter will surely arrive the first day I am able to run outside. You can thank me for the mild January next time you see me.

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Viper said...

Well, I'm sorry you haven't been able to get out and enjoy this fine weather. Hopefully, it'll hold out at least until Monday for you. Cheers!