Monday, February 13, 2012

The Dentist

We pulled into the pediatric dentist's parking lot. Peanut was whimpering, "I don't want to go anywhere!" He was crying and on the verge of full on stage 5 meltdown.

"Peanut," I said, "I know you're scared. I am also scared of going to the dentist. I know how scary it seems. But when I go to the dentist and I'm scared I think about how proud I will be of myself when I am done. I go in and let the dentist look at my teeth (and stick me with gigundous needles and power drills--I did not include this part) and then when I am done I call daddy and he's proud of me too. So let's go in to see Dr. Fred and let him look at your teeth. And when you're done I will tell you how proud I am of you and you can tell daddy and your blankie how great you did."

He stopped crying and I saw the beginnings of a smile. "There are trucks to play with in there, right Mommy?"

"Yes, honey. Are you ready to go now."

"Otay," he said just a tiny bit hesitatingly.

I unpacked the kids and in we went. Peanut got out the trucks and played. Then we were called in. I had peanut go first--I figured he didn't need any more time to flip out! He was a ball of tension, but not freaking out. I held him on my lap and then we leaned him back so his head was on the dentist's lap. Now he was crying, but he was following all directions and not fighting it! And then magically after a couple of minutes he seemed to realize it wasn't so bad and stopped crying with his little mouth wide open and Dr. Fred poking him with his instrument.

When the exam was over peanut looked at me and said, "I did it!" His cheeks were so round and rosy with pride. Then it was #2's turn and as she was whimpering during her exam peanut reassured her, "it's ok, babe! You can do it!" And then when we got home I heard him talking to his blankie as I took #2's coat and boots off, "I did it, Blankie!" And peanut responded to himself in the voice of blankie, "I'm so proud of you, Peanut!"

On Friday I have that ol' orthopedist appointment. I am scared. Not so much about the appointment itself, but what the doctor will find and even worse what he will say I need to do to get better. I am trying to be brave.

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jsmarslender said...

Yea for Peanut at the dentist! And I'm hoping that your appointment goes well. It is so difficult to do the right thing for our bodies sometimes, when the right thing seems to be taking it on a nice long run so we can think! I'm sorry you're in this spot. Thanks for posting the pictures and definitions of what's going on - it may very well help others experiencing the same or similar.