Thursday, February 09, 2012

The Saga Continues

So I had this week's appointment with Dr. TK today. I wasn't sure what to expect. Since I started running again, if I'm being perfectly honest, I've felt like nothing had changed. It took a little longer before my leg hurt, but it hurt just as bad as ever by the end of my runs. Ugh. I was feeling really depressed about it. I walked into his office and almost broke down describing how I felt. I mentioned that my foot is tingly by the end of my runs and a(nother) lightbulb went off.

Before I get into that, every time I see TK I have to sit in a waiting area overlooking the spine patients. The spine patients are all laying on these weird torture table looking things watching televisions. It's kind of creepy and I always find myself staring at them and wondering what unfortunate circumstances led them to the rack.

TK says, "do you have some time?"

"Um, why?" I inquired.

"I would like for you to go on the table for about half an hour."

"Um, why?" I inquired, this time semi-petrified.

"I want to use it as a diagnostic tool. If it helps you I would bet you have a slightly bulging disc."

"Oh crap! How long is this going to take to recover from and if it's not that what the hell is it and WHEN CAN I FREAKING START TRAINING?!!!!!?"

Ok. I didn't respond that way, but that's about where my head was. He went over all the offending muscles and everything felt good. And then I walked over to the table.

"Pa, set her at 50," TK told the physician's assistant.

The PA questioned, "but she's so tiny. I think it should be 35, 40 max."

"Oh no. She's strong. She can handle 50. Put it at 50," TK responded.

"You're the boss," PA said.

This conversation did not ease my mind. TK went back to his next ART appointment and the PA strapped me into what looked to be a harness Sandy Duncan as Peter Pan might have donned. And then she strapped it to a contraption at the end of the table as I laid on my back. And then she turned it on and every 10-15 seconds 50 lbs of force pulled my pelvis down towards my toes and then released for 10-15 seconds. This went on for 30 minutes. It really didn't feel like it did much. It was weird and my foot tingled, but otherwise I was certain this was yet another dead end.

When my treatment was finished, PA put an ice pack under my lumbar area and I laid there for a few more minutes. Then with no fanfare I got up, made a couple of follow-up appointments and left.

As I drove to my in-laws to pick up the kiddos I called mrp. I bawled the whole ride home on the phone with him and then I bawled some more when my m-i-l asked me how it went. I have put on a brave face through this whole ordeal and I finally reached my limit. I called coach on my way home from the in-laws and he recommended an orthopedist for a new perspective on things. I came home and made yet another appointment for next week. My back felt kind of weird.

I cried a lot more the rest of the afternoon. So frustrated. But by about 4:00 I realized that I could sit without pain. Then I noticed I could extend my right leg without that awful pulling I've felt in my butt for months. I haven't run today. That will be the real test tomorrow, but right now it feels the best it's felt in months. Could this be it?

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